halifax ca, 2008

While cleaning up and re-categorizing my photos, I came across a few that brought back good memories.
In 2008, I travelled to Halifax, CA, to meet my friend Andrew for his wedding.

The first days of my stay, I spent mostly with Andrew and his great bride, Allison. Later that week, a fellow friend and photographer, Nigel Gray checked in too.

Then, I spent 24 hours with Master Brewer Greg Nash in Moncton CA. He happened to brew the "wedding beer", a monster IPA named Dementia.

Soon after, came the wedding, where I shot backstage and met more great people. The days following, I spent some more time with the happy couple and Nigel. It was a remarkable time.

Check out Andrew’s work. He’s a very talented photographer who shoots real people, real emotions, using fantastic light.
Also, Greg Nash is now based in Halifax CA. Should you ever be around, make sure to pay him a visit in one of the brewpubs he works in and have one of his extraordinary brews.

Kodak Tri-X.