the big paris street shootout part II

Earlier, I wrote about a street-photography weekend in Paris. I’d like to share my photos, taken on day two, here.

Again, I was amazed by the quality of the light from low the morning sun over Paris. A perfect situation to get out the old Canon RF 50/1.8 LTM. It’s a very old lens, built between 1961 and 1970. It’s non-aspheric and flares beautifully, if handled properly (read; the more it is abused, the better this lens feels). It’s also very soft, doesn’t produce sharp or contrasty images, but it gives a wonderful old look. It’s the type 7, which is described at Peter Kitchingman’s blog.

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the big paris street shootout part I

In january 2012, two friends and I travelled to Paris. The city is great, the light is great and the people are great; a nice opportunity to do some street photography. So, I packed my stuff, we left at 2AM, arrived at 9AM and where on our way around 10AM.

Following is a selection of the photos I took on the first day. These are shot with a Leica M8 with a Leica 35/1.4 mounted. I still miss the full 35 frame, since the M8 has a crop factor to deal with, but the lens is great. In most cases I preset the aperture at f/5.6 with a focal plane between 1.2 and 3 meters, so, if I encountered something good, there was no need to focus and miss the action.

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girls don’t bite

Somewhere late 2004 or early 2005, we had friends and their girls over for a visit. I’ve been following them around for a while with my camera and after while they stopped noticing me. At some point, the younger girl took a toy from her big sister, something that wasn’t appreciated at all. Following was a bite in her hand by her sister.

Of course I was glad to have been around, shooting the ordeal. It was around that period, that I wanted to be able to capture ordinary, real life events and this was one the first results of it. It was contradictory at the same time, I knew I had to act (which I did later), but I wanted the shot too, so I pressed the trigger first.

This was shot with a Nikon F80 and a AF Nikkor 50/1.8D. The film was Tri-X, pushed to 800 ISO, developed in HC110(b)

birth of a blog

Hi there, Hans Verbrugge here.

I’ve decided to accompany my photography site with a blog, which hopefully will show you a bit of who I am, why I photograph and how some of my work was made.

I think my interest in photography started when I was in my teens. My dad had a Agfamatic (the 2000, if I recall well) and I remember I was very interested in playing around with it. The flash-box I found especially nice. It made this nice sound when it popped while producing its flash.

I liked how a small piece of technology was able to capture the world around me into something that could be looked at and remembered when everything else moved forward.

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