street photography workshop amsterdam, may 2012

I took part of a street photography workshop given by Eric Kim and Thomas Leuthard on the 18th and 19th of May, 2012.

It was a terrific event, I’ve met a lot of people, enjoyed their company and learned from how they work. Thanks Eric, Thomas and all participants for the inspiration.

Here are a few of the photos I took during those days.
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softball at alcmaria victrix, april 2012

My girl plays softball for Alcmaria Victrix, in Alkmaar. She’s one of two catchers in her team. This month the team played the first match of the season, which was a big success.

Since I don’t own a tele-lens and I don’t like shooting though a fence, I shot some photos while sitting in the dugout. Much more fun than watching from the sideline, and not alone for the rumors and chats!

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amsterdam february 29 2012

I’ve started a new job on March 1, had some time to burn on February 29, so off I went, to Amsterdam, with Bert, for some shooting.
It was a gray afternoon, somewhat cold too, but very worthwhile. We spent some time in areas in Amsterdam, where I haven’t shot before. We had cold fingers, so went off to a bar first, for some coffee and a beer. Then, off down town and shoot some.

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This article assumes that you have basic knowledge of exposure, f-stops, shutter times and aperture values and how those last two relate. More on this subject will follow later.

How does your camera meter light?

Most, if not all modern cameras have built-in exposure meters. The photocell measures light reflected from the scene. The exposure meter tells the camera (you) how you should expose for a particular scene.
So, how does it know how you should set your exposure? Well, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t. The meter is calibrated to see the world in middle gray. A middle gray subject reflects 18% of the light that falls on it.

What is middle gray then, you may wonder. In terms of gray tones, it looks like this:

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